Willows and me


I have loved flying and models gliders for about as long as I can remember, like so many others I started building models in my bedroom as a kid. Flying and then racing gliders has been a passion for many years which has taken up a huge amount of time and given an unbelievable amount of joy. Willow models have become a part of this.

The opportunity of flying or seeing someone else fly a model that I have developed has been something very special. By keeping the model cost as low as possible the aim was to enable as many pilots as possible to enjoy them. I have decided to take myself out of the supply chain and make the willow and merlin models as freely available as possible. You can buy them direct from the builder or through a distributor. The models are made in China by someone I have worked with for many years and whom I trust.

I believe that life is far too short to be blinkered about all the good stuff going on or criticize others for flying other models. When I fly other models or see some cool stuff on the slope then this will also appear on my blog. - www.willowracing.blogspot.co.uk



A model’s performance is not measured by the amount that a model costs but how wide the smile it gives you. The understanding gained from years of flying helps Willow models to deliver top class performance but still be fun models to fly. My aim has been to produce models that are the right model to fly in as many conditions and on as many slopes as possible.

Willow models are balanced for top level performance to allow you to extract the most fun from a day’s flying. The competitive performances on race days is the icing on the cake- but from a long line of successful competition winning results there is a lot of icing!



I have been lucky enough to bounce test models on slopes across the world from North Yorkshire thermals to Southern Ocean storms! My models reflect what I have learnt- from making them easy to self-launch in high winds to their performance in the air.



Model flying is a continuing addiction for me. For news on Willow models, ramblings about my own flying activities or just an up-date on the models that slope dog has eaten lately visit our news site - www.willowracing.blogspot.co.uk






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